Dangerous Liaisons Book 3: BOUND TO OBEY 

When Melanie Cordova, CIA computer geek on her first field mission-to infiltrate the Sumerian Embassy, comes up against Delta Star Agent Ace Riser, things turn explosive. Sent in to take out an assassin, Ace is shocked to find that his target is the feisty blond innocent. He takes her down before she can scream, and whisks her away to a private location for debriefing. He's got to find out why she's stealing secrets and who set her up to take a deadly fall. Melanie wakes in a sensual haze brought on by the brooding hunk holding her captive, and enhanced by the knock-out drug he'd given her. When she presses against

him, she melts, even though she knows she ought to be fighting. Ace, scarred from a previous mission, doesn't take it personally. Still, he's not above using sex to pry the truth out of her. When Ace rescues her after their safe house is attacked, Melanie decides to trust him-for now. Escaping through the steamy jungle, things heat up between them as Ace teaches her his favorite kinky tricks. But in this cross-agency game of cat and mouse, whom can they trust? And can they find love when their whole relationship is built on lies?