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Denise Van plew's review

Apr 29, 2016


it was amazing

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First off this might look and sound like it is just a action romance with a bit of heat but make sure you are wearing flame resistance material in clothing. Some scenes will be so hot that some might have combustion problems. This agency also will be very intriguing especially if Bridget and Condor are examples of the agents they have in Delta Star. They do not take on any wimpy missions either, they are filled with danger but at times quite colorful. Ghost agents add pizzazz to a story with this one taking a chance on Bridget but their chemistry adds the fuel. They also will come across a ghost agent that comes as a surprise but he will also be showing his true colors. This one actually flew by in reading that surprised me that it turned out that way. Humor will find its way in also thanks to Bridget and her spunk. I think this one will be well liked by most especially as I have said much dynamite beneath this cover.

Sparkymom's review

May 04, 2016


it was amazing

Wow!!! This was nothing like what I expected. When the description said undercover, it really meant it in more ways than one. Be forewarned that this book is seriously hot and sexy with pervasive BDSM elements. The chemistry was off the charts, and despite the heavy sexual content, it had a well though out plot and plenty of suspense since Bridget wasn't very good at following orders and was forever getting in trouble. Condor was older, set in his ways and seriously alpha. The two of them made an interesting team and an even better couple.

I received an ARC from Net Galley for review.

Wednesday Stanley's review

May 01, 2016


really liked it

Read in May, 2016

I first want to say I love finding new author's and this was the first time I have read anything from Mrs. Castle. The description of this book is what really caught my attention and made me want to read it. 

I loved Condor or 'The Ghost' as he goes by. I thought he was mysterious, dominate, possessive, sweet, caring and kind. He was definitely a guy that took his undercover work seriously. Though I have to say I wish we could have gotten to know him better. I felt like we didn't really get to 'know' his character. We just kind of got to know what he was into. 

I found Bridget a mixture between likable and a bit annoying. You're either going to really like her or you're just not going to like her at all. Bridget is trying to avenge her ex-fiance's death, by taking down the man she's convinced is responsible for her ex's death. I found Bridget a bit hard headed and stubborn at times, she definitely didn't seem to follow order's easily (she seemed to want to be in charge at all times). I think towards the end of it you might soften towards her a bit if you haven't already. 

Now that being said I kind of found the first part of the book to be a bit boring and a little bit repetitive. It wasn't really until about half way through that the story seemed to pick up the pace and really catch my attention. It was than that I really started to enjoy it. There were aspects of undercover and espionage, some action, and a few little twists thrown in that I didn't see. I thought all together that this was an enjoyable book. 

I'm giving this book 3.5 Stars (probably on the higher side of 3.5, since you can't really do 3.75) to 4 Stars.

***I received an arc of this book from the author and or the publisher for my honest review***

Monique Daoust's review

May 15, 2016


liked it

Read in May, 2016

Ross Longtree, code name Condor. He’s Delta Star’s cleanup man, the one who succeeds at the spying jobs when others fail, when there’s trouble, the Iceman cometh. Delta Star is a secret government agency, and Bridget Jamison was recently promoted from computer analyst to field agent. Her fiancé, James Clayton, another agent was killed on the job, and Bridget holds herself responsible. Nobody knew they were having an affair, and even though he cheated on her, she needs to find the man who was responsible for James’ death: Simon Perez, an international terrorist. Bridget has been working the Perez case for three years, she thinks she might have located him, when she is called in the agency director’s office. She will have to work with Condor if she is to remain on the Perez case. She doesn’t want to share, but it’s that or she’s taken off the case. Bridget and Condor had crossed each other’s path briefly along the years, they’re both attracted to each other, but relationships are forbidden at the agency, so neither did anything about it. Bridget is a very assertive woman, Condor is a Dom, which will not be easy to deal with as they are to infiltrate Perez’s island compound as a Dom and his submissive. 

BOUND TO SERVE starts off really well, I loved the covert atmosphere, however the blurb never mentioned that this was a BDSM romantic suspense; had I known it was BDSM, I would not have opted to read it, as erotica and BDSM are pretty much coming out of my ears these days and I rather dislike so-called alphas, them being all too commonplace as well. 

Nevertheless, BOUND TO SERVE is a fast-paced read, well-written, the BDSM and suspense elements are dealt with competently, I was however extremely pleasantly surprised at the romance itself. I loved that Ms. Castle’s characters remained true to themselves throughout, the dynamics never changed: Bridget is definitely not a submissive-type of woman, Condor is absolutely a dominant male, and yet both are open-minded faced with the inevitable, that their attraction is real. I really enjoyed their relationship; obviously there were personality conflicts to begin with, but they were dealt with intelligently by the author. There were none of the issues I expected, and while I felt somewhat dejected at first that Condor was yet again another domineering male, he really grew on me; Bridget, I loved right from the start. The sex scenes are sizzling, respectful and at time, quite playful. So, if you like some spying games with your BDSM and a really nice romance, I do recommend BOUND TO SERVE. At least, you will know to expect BDSM!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.